AZGF Alamo Lake Fishing Report

Alamo Lake - Wenden, AZ (La Paz County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Arizona Game & Fish

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Rating: Good

Though the hot summer weather has kept most people away from the lake, many reports coming from Alamo Lake have been positive. Throughout this entire year, Alamo Lake has probably had some of the best bass fishing in the entire state and this fall should be no different. There were several reports from the spring of 5-fish bag limits with more than 20 pounds of bass and there shouldn’t be much change during the fall.

This past October’s survey indicated that the bass population of Alamo Lake is well balanced with medium and large fish (including several fish in the 5- and 6-pound range) and small fish that anglers should be able to catch in the coming years. Water temperatures should fall from high-80s in early September to 60s by the end of November, which means that throughout the fall water temps should be ideal for bass fishing. As the water will still be warm in September, the top-water fishing should continue to be good and provide some of the most exciting action of the year. The best strategy for fishing bass would be to start fishing at the crack of dawn with top-water lures, then move to reaction baits, like crankbaits or spinnerbaits, then fish deeper and slower with plastics such as drop shot rigs as the morning progresses. Fishing in or around cover is going to be a winning strategy for bass on Alamo Lake.

Black crappie fishing should continue to be good this fall, though it may not be as fast and furious as anglers experienced most of the spring. All spring there were numerous reports of 30 to 40 fish days of crappies ranging in size from 9 to 16 inches with the possibility of even larger fish. Trolling jigs tipped with minnows or small crankbaits in 10-25 feet of water, especially near cover, should produce during the morning and late in the day. For something different, try anchoring in deeper water during the night, deploying underwater lights, which attract bait and crappies, and then using jigs tipped with bait to catch crappies.

Channel catfish will be good to excellent throughout the fall. Just anchor near cover and use any of the prepared catfish baits as well as chicken livers or stink bait, or other baits like hot dogs or shrimp.

There are other fish present such as bluegill, redear sunfish, tilapia and common carp that are a lot of fun to catch.  Many types of baits should work for these species

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