Luna Lake Fishing Report

Luna Lake - Alpine, AZ (Apache County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of AZFW

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Rating: Fair

Luna Lake is the last chance to fish in eastern Arizona before the New Mexico state line. Large, scenic, with lots of visitor amenities and close to the town of Alpine, Luna Lake offers good spring, early summer and fall fishing for locals and visitors alike. This lake holds the current state record for cutthroat trout at 6 pounds, 5 ounces. Summer algae blooms and water quality issues should be clearing up in the fall and really improve fishing. Trolling with flies works well in spring and early summer at Luna Lake. Try wooly buggers, a prince nymph, simi seal leech and other large wet flies. Nightcrawlers and PowerBait fished off the bottom also work well. Shore and boat anglers both have success at Luna. Summer water quality conditions were stressful and resulted in a minor fish kill, but are improving as temperatures cool and will only get better as fall progresses.

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