Crescent Lake Fishing Report

Crescent Lake - Springerville, AZ

Photo Credit: Courtesy of AZFW

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Rating: Fair

Bait and shore fishermen can try nightcrawlers and PowerBait. Rocky points on the west side are good for shore anglers when the lake is weedy. Boat anglers consistently do better at Crescent than shore fishermen. Boaters can try trolling with flies, such as woolly buggers, prince nymphs or peacock ladies, or use spinners like Panther Martins, small Mepps or Rooster Tails. Spring 2019 population surveys found very few fish, but in extremely good condition. Supplemental trout were stocked to improve fishing after poor water quality during 2018. This lake is full of fish, but murky water can make sight fishing and dry fly fishing difficult – use flashy lures or streamers, or bait. Summer algae blooms and low water likely decreased fishing success. As weather cools and water quality improves, try Crescent instead of other nearby lakes that may be overfished.

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