Clear Creek Reservoir Fishing Report

Clear Creek Reservoir - Winslow, AZ (Navajo County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of AZFW

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Rating: Fair

Rainbow trout stocked in spring should be fished out by now, though in a 2019 survey, stocked trout were found all the way up where Clear Creek comes into Clear Creek Reservoir. Instead, target warmwater species like largemouth bass, sunfish, catfish and common carp in areas with rocky structure or edge vegetation to provide cover. As daytime temperatures cool, even in Winslow, bass should be more mobile and active. Fish in the morning from a boat or kayak, cruise around and enjoy the unique geology through the middle of the day, and then catch the evening bite at night. Try small hooks with a worm and bobber near rocks and structure for sunfish. For bullhead and channel catfish, use bait on bottom such as worms and chicken livers, especially at night when catfish are most active.

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