AZGF Lake Mohave Fishing Report

Lake Mohave - Cottonwood Cove, NV

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Arizona Game & Fish

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

The largemouth and smallmouth bass in Mohave are fewer and farther between than in Mead; however, these fish can be quite a bit larger (3 to 5 pounds). Mohave largemouth will also be very shallow during a period during the fall, feeding on late-hatching insects and spawning crayfish. Often bass will be clear in the back of coves in places boats have a hard time going. Brush up on your pitching and jigging techniques for some big largemouth bass action. Clear water means be aware of boat noise and slow down your presentations. The hatchery at Willow Beach is still growing trout and stocking them year round at Willow Beach. PowerBait, nightcrawlers and spinners will catch these fish. Look for very large striped bass to be around the stocking area. These fish can be caught with large trout imitation lures as well as with anchovies and other fresh cut baits. Smaller stripers can be had in the main lake basin using similar techniques to Lake Mead. Remember, there is no limit on striped bass of less than 20 inches and anglers are encouraged to keep all they catch, this will help ensure the stripers that are left have enough to eat. Lake Mohave will be lowered around 12 feet in elevation from October 1 to about November 6, 2000 for maintenance of boat ramps at Willow Beach and Cottonwood Cove.

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