Arizona Dove hunting regulations and boundaries have changed

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

What to know before you go

Dove season opens September 1 and hunters need to know about important changes recently made to the regulations. One change adds more hunting opportunities in the Tucson area and another closes off some popular hunting locations in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

One important change involves the Phoenix metropolitan area, Unit 25M, where some populated areas are now closed to hunting. There is a detailed description of the new boundaries in Dove Note 17 of the Amended Dove and Band-tailed Pigeon Regulations for 2013-2014 online. A useful map of Arizona Game Management Unit 25M Restricted/Limited Hunting Boundary is posted on the website and ready to download at

An amendment was added on Aug. 3, after the 2013-2014 dove regulations had been posted online and printed in hard copy. This change opens additional areas to hunting near Tucson in Avra Valley, units 36C and 37A. Those details are set out in Dove Note 21 on page 12 of the Amended Dove Regulations, available only online. This change is not included in the print version of the 2013-2014 dove regulations. If you or any of your fellow hunters are planning a dove hunt in the Tucson area, remember to visit and check out the additional open areas described in Dove Note 21.

Remember, it is your responsibility as a hunter to know the regulations and abide by the rules, no matter how new the changes may be. Now is the time to visit and download your own copy of the amended dove regulations and new maps. You'll also find a quick-guide to shooting hours, new possession limits, license and migratory bird stamp requirements, hunting and mentoring events, mobile-friendly links, dove recipes and great tips to make this your first, best, or most memorable dove season ever.