Anglers report from Arizona's Woods Canyon Lake

Woods Canyon Lake - Payson, AZ (Coconino County)

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Billy T. and friends maxed out at Woods Canyon Lake: We've been fishing two times this week. Today (1st) between six adults we all caught our max. We used corn and the trout loved them. Tuesday, four adults all caught max trout using corn. We fished the same spot just off the ramp. Fishing has been great.

Other than bee problems, Greg and Tammy W. had a good fight with a catfish at Lake Pleasant Aug. 1: We went to Lake Pleasant on the 1st, arriving at midnight and was gone by 8:30 am. The reason we left so early is BEES. Bees, bees everywhere. On the tent, in the tent, on the coolers, etc, etc, etc, I do have a few tips for the inexperienced. Do not bring or drink any kind of red soda. They love this and will go and tell their friends and come back to party with you. 100's. Do not swat them if they land on you; instead gently swipe them away. And if you are allergic to stings, in my opinion you should reconsider the trip or be very careful. Help sometimes can be really slow getting to you. Thank goodness for the Peoria Fire Dept. paramedics as they are fast and truly dedicated to assisting.

Other than bee problems, we caught a couple of nice channel cat right after sun up using chicken liver in the Castle Creek Arm in about 10 feet of water. Caught and released.

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