At Bartlett Lake in Arizona you will sometimes catch a Flathead Catfish when fishing for Bass

Bartlett Lake - Carefree, AZ (Maricopa County)

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Bartlett Lake Conditions:
Water Surface Temperature: 85 degree surface high temp. Water temperature range from 80 to high 80's.
Lake Capacity: Lake elevation is 1,796 feet, it is 98 % full.

Hoffman of the north Phoenix Sportman's Warehouse had the following report: Night fishing is fair. Football head jigs, Texas-rigged 7-inch worms in black, and other large-profiled baits should produce fish. Had a report from a gentleman who was fishing a ??-ounce football head jig the other night, got a bite, set the hook, and was spooled within a matter of seconds. Can you say FLATHEAD! It's definitely not uncommon to catch flatheads at night while fishing for bass so hang on!!