Gill netting surveys of Upper Lake Mary early this week

Upper & Lower Lake Mary - Flagstaff, AZ (Coconino County)

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Lower Lake Mary - The day use area is closed for the winter season. Anglers are finding success using nightcrawlers, garlic PowerBait, small lures (1/12-1/8-ounce) and flies (#10 bead-headed Simi-seal leech in black, olive, and purple, #12 Prince Nymph, #10 Brown bead-headed Wooly Bugger, and Zebra Midges). Trout are active and being caught throughout the lake. Folks are catching small northern pike spawned from the few northern pike that migrated from Upper Lake Mary into Lower Lake Mary during the spring. These small pike can be fun to catch on lures such as inline spinners. Reminder, the daily bag limit is 4 trout per day and 4 channel catfish per day. Northern pike are unlimited but must be immediately killed or released. Only boats with a single 10-horsepower motor or a single electric motor or less are allowed on Lower Lake Mary.

Upper Lake Mary - Worms fished on a jig head or night crawler harness have been the most productive approach. Statewide limits apply for the fish species in Upper Lake Mary; check your regulations (page 6). The Arizona Game and Fish Department Region 2 Aquatics Program conducted gill netting surveys of Upper Lake Mary early this week. Highlights from the survey include walleye up to 25 inches and 5 pounds. and many yellow bass that exceed the current state record (11.25 inches, 1 pound, 15.8 ounces) in length up to 12.68 inches.

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