The Knoll Lake campground is closed for the winter

Knoll Lake - Payson, AZ (Coconino County)

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

The Knoll Lake campground is closed for the winter. The reservoir level has dropped and the boat launch is no longer in the water. A large log at the end of the ramp is also blocking access to the lake. It is not possible to launch a trailered boat at this time. Only boats with a single electric motor are allowed on Knoll Lake. No gas-powered motors. Bait like worms and PowerBait fished on the bottom will work the best. This is a good time of year to troll small lures (1/12-1/4 ounce) like inline spinners and spoons in gold, silver, and copper for rainbow trout. For fly anglers, a prince nymph, pheasant tail, or black Simi-seal leech would be a good place to start

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