Blue Ridge Reservoir Report

Blue Ridge Reservoir - Payson, AZ (Coconino County)

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Road access is open to the lake. Reservoir elevation was 6,682.53 feet, volume was at 6,985 acre feet or 47% full and rising. Recent rains have caused C.C. Cragin Reservoir to rise a few inches since the last report. Launching a boat becomes more difficult as the reservoir drops. Be cautious of floating logs and debris while launching a boat and navigating the reservoir. Blue Ridge Campground is open. Small lures, particularly spinners in black, brown, silver and gold should also produce well. Trout will be found 10-15 feet deep and can be difficult to catch. Slowing your retrieve and letting your lure or fly sink will increase your success. The harvest of green sunfish and bullhead catfish in C.C. Cragin is unlimited. Please be respectful of others while launching and retrieving your boat; it is a narrow boat launch, so please do not loiter or crowd the launch.

We are issuing a Fish Consumption Advisory for Flathead Catfish caught from Patagonia Lake State Park in Santa Cruz County...... Read More