Try working the shoreline and around cover

Dogtown Lake - Williams, AZ (Coconino County)

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Road access to the lake and campgrounds is open. The lake is full and the water clarity is good. Warmwater species like largemouth bass, green sunfish and crappie have recently been caught on flies and lures. Try working the shoreline and around cover like trees, rocks and weeds for best the best success. Only boats with electric motors are allowed on Dogtown Lake. No gas-powered motors. The limit for bass is two (minimum size 13 inches), the limit for channel catfish is four. Surface water temperature was 72.1 F, pH 8.33, D.O. 7.1 on 8/16/2022. The lake's water temperature is not suitable for stocking fish; stocking will resume once conditions improve.

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