Lake Pleasant Fishing Report

Lake Pleasant - New River , AZ

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Be sure to check out the weather report before planning your trip because of the monsoon storms that have been forecast.

Lake Pleasant water level is at 64%. CAP has been pumping out 1650 cubic feet per second. As a result, the water level has consistently been dropping. This has a tendency to create current in the river and creek channels.
The early morning surface bite is good in the north end of the lake and up in the river channel.

Throw 3-inch swimbaits with a stinger hook or ½-ounce spoons into the broils. As the sun peeks over the horizon and strikes the water the stripers have a tendency to move to the shaded sides of reefs and channels that have access to deeper water. This is a good time to break out your favorite spoons and vertical jig.
For more information or if you have questions or concerns check out or send an email to Be safe, enjoy, and have fun.

July 24 report from Derrick Franks of the Striper Snatcher Guide Service:

With the lake at 69 percent, water elevation and the dam releasing 2,200 cubic feet per second, Lake Pleasant has slowly tilted efficiency in the anglers’ favor.

Fish will be structurally oriented to transition areas in the river channels of the northern coves. The reason being is there is current created from the significant water release, thus creating a scenario where generally pelagic fish will stack up on the shade side of a river channel drop-off.

This is the perfect scenario for spoon fishing. Once you hook the first one, generally they can all be caught if you can stay over them. The spoon fishing tactic is fun and exciting and will last all day long.

The white bass have made a great comeback this season and we got into schools of just white bass most of last week. I use a 2-ounce, 3-inch Trendsetter Jig that has a drop rate of 10 feet per second to offset the drift rate of a 10-knot wind.

I like to pound the bottom of the lake with it and do a fast wind up and watch my graph. You'll be able to tell if they are reacting on it. The most common mistake is using a spoon that's too light. You want that lure to stay under you so you can effectively give it the proper action.

For more information (and to reach out for any inquiries about Lake Pleasant logistics) visit

(Lake elevation 1,665 feet, 63.5 % full). Aug.1 from Guide Mike Strole, “The Fish Whisperer” of AZ Great Adventure Fishing.

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