Lees Ferry Fishing Report

Colorado River - Lees Ferry

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

As of  3/21/23: Water Temperature: 47.3 – 48.38 F. Discharge Rate: 6,320-9,770 cfs. Report from 3/1 courtesy of Skip Dixon, Lees Ferry Anglers. This is an extremely low start, cfs-wise. As a result, most of the fish are holding in deeper runs at this point. Obviously, this makes drifting a higher percentage option. However, this will change in certain areas very quickly with the next full moon. This flow is jokingly referred to as a "bastard flow" because from each day to the next tactics may vary. Last week I dry flied with successful results, including some fish while midging. Because of the cold front at the time of this writing, ambient air temperatures were not feasible for this approach. Fish are looking quite robust and healthy. Sink tips with larger segmented patterns will pull a fair share of larger fish.