West Clear Creek Fishing Report

West Clear Creek - Camp Verde, AZ

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Access to the lower portions of the creek are open near Clear Creek Campground (open) FR 626 and Bullpen Campground (open) FR 215. Access to the upper portions of the creek are closed for the winter including FR 81 and FR 142. Smallmouth bass should become less active during the fall. Smallmouth bass are unlimited harvest in West Clear Creek. Roundtail chub are often caught in sections of West Clear Creek; if you catch one, please release it unharmed. The limit is 4 trout. West Clear Creek has been fluctuating daily as the snow melts from the last storm. This may result in turbid (dirty) water. Stream flow was 17.5 cfs, stream temperature was 43.16 F on 12/20/2022.