Lake Pleasant Fish Report

Lake Pleasant - New River , AZ

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

(1,662 feet, 59-percent full): Derrik Franks of the Striper Snatcher Guide Service with a Oct. 21 report: "Fishing in the morning and evening continues to improve as we kick off our fall pattern. The water temperature is a brisk 75 degrees and migratory birds are arriving and calling Lake Pleasant home for the winter.

These birds are a good cue to finding the shad, as they will dive for bait when available.

I have continued to have success in the northern coves with the all-important south wind.

White bass are starting to come around, which to me is a sure sign of fall. Striper and white bass are suspended during the day in small groups and will later congregate and push shad higher into the water column. Trolling a swimbait on a jighead is an excellent way to locate the non-schooling fish during the midday. A more advanced tactic includes finding the transition areas where the river channel goes into a northern cove."

Stripers might also be hitting top-water lures or white flukes. This time of the year, top-water action in the river around the no-wake buoys can be a good spot to try.

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