Lake Pleasant Fish Report

Lake Pleasant - New River , AZ

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Barry W from Saturday, June 28: The various coves have been producing some great fishing. This time of year you will see boils for sure before sunrise and near sunset.My wife and I found a small striper boil in one of the bays nearshore (about 3-10 feet deep). Only lasted 5 minutes, but it produced a fish on every cast during the top water action.Small lures that had a flash like a silver Kastmaster, or small shad-looking crank or jerk baits worked well also.

I had a blast using a white Zara Spook on the top water. I also caught a largemouth bass during the boil. Remember that all the fish are competing for those bait fish and you never know what you have until it comes to the boat.

Once the sun went down we started fishing anchovies at the mouth of a bay. The depth was 100 feet with fish submersed at around 35-50 feet.

Once we get father into the summer and hotter weather the fish will go deeper and the boils will be more common and luckily longer with duration. I normally like using live shad for catching striper but it's been difficult lately. The shad have moved out from shallow water and seem to be sporadic throughout the lake which makes it tough for netting. Other fisherman have shared the same frustration with me on the lake as well regarding cast netting.

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