Saguaro Lake Fish Report

Saguaro Lake - Sunflower, AZ (Maricopa County)

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Saguaro Lake is the hot spot in the state for big, largemouth bass. Bass are in shallow, many are bedding, and they are hungry.

Spring fishing is here in all its bedding-bass, crisp-morning glory. Yet the vernal equinox, or the first day of spring when the Earth is neither inclined toward, nor away, from the sun, isn't until March 20.

Still, this week's full moon has coincided with consistent, warm weather. The result? Springtime spawning conditions for largemouth bass have graced the desert impoundments.

What I'm saying is: "Fishing is en fuego!"

So many great options can be at the end of the line. Flathead catfishing is picking up, and Arizona has become a destination for these bruisers. Crappie are active, stripers are stripping line at Lake Powell and Lake Pleasant, trout stockings will transition into those of catfish, and redear sunfish have reached world-class status at Lake Havasu.

Wow. Take a deep breath for a second and appreciate all Arizona has to offer anglers and hunters. From the desert to the mountains, all such sportsmen help conserve our wildlife for future generations because, if you didn't know, the Arizona Game and Fish Department does not receive state tax dollars. We rely heavily on active hunters and anglers who are passionate about our wildlife.

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