Fishing Tip of the Week -- As reported by Arizona Game & Fish Department

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

If you're bass fishing and having a hard time with standard techniques such as the dropshot or Texas rig, try something a little different: Flick-shaking.

This method can include a 1/16-ounce jig hook, and a 5 ??-inch flick shake worm (made by Jackall or Bass Pro Shops). Hook the worm right in the middle so that it's whacky style. Try a spinning rod and 8-pound test line. As the jig sinks, pull up a bit to see if a bass is hitting the worm on the fall. Once the bait hits the bottom, pop it a bit and wait. Make sure there is little slack in the line so you can feel the bite.

This method was successful on Monday, June 10 for one angler at Bartlett Lake (see the full report), and it might work for you.