Ashurst Lake is reportedly fishing well

Ashurst Lake - Flagstaff, AZ (Coconino County)

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

 Ashurst Lake is reportedly fishing well. FR 82E to Ashurst Lake is now open. Only boats with a single 10-horsepower motor (or less) or a single electric motor are allowed on Ashurst Lake. The limit is 4 trout. Northern pike were illegally introduced and are not managed for in Ashurst Lake. Northern pike are unlimited in Ashurst Lake, please kill any northern pike caught. Rainbow trout were stocked last week. The Arizona Game and Fish Department Region 2 Aquatics Program conducted a routine spring gill netting survey of Ashurst Lake on March 6, 2024. Highlights from the survey include rainbow trout up to 21 inches and 3.11 pounds dominating the catch and brown trout up to 19 inches. This is by far the most trout we have caught during our routine spring surveys of Ashurst for the past 15 years. The spring trout fishing at Ashurst should be good. Surface temperature 50.7 F, pH 7.84, D.O. 9.6 on 4/1/2024.

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