The lake is full and the water clarity is good

Dogtown Lake - Williams, AZ (Coconino County)

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Road access to the lake and campgrounds is open. The lake is full and the water clarity is good. Rainbow trout were stocked the week before last. Warmwater species like largemouth bass, green sunfish, and crappie have recently been caught on flies and lures. Try working the shoreline and around cover like trees, rocks, and weeds for best the best success. This is an excellent kid fishing opportunity as the highly aggressive green sunfish will hide in the rocks right along the shoreline. No need to cast, simply drop your bait or fly into the deep pockets between the rocks. As ambush predators they will dart out and attack your bait. Think small for the bait and hook size. Meal worms on #12 or #14 size hooks or #12 or #14 wooly bugger, leech, prince nymph, pheasant tail, #16 soft hackle, and #18 Griffiths gnat should work well. Only boats with electric motors are allowed on Dogtown Lake. No gas-powered motors. The limit is 2 bass minimum size 13 inches, the limit is 4 channel catfish. Surface water temperature 69 F, pH 8, D.O. 5.6 on 9/12/2022. 

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