Lake Powell Fishing Report

Lake Powell

Kelly O. got this nice striper up at Lake Powell last week.
Photo Credit: AZGF

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

At Lake Powell, Wayne Gustaveson ( reported he tried to duplicate the great fishing from a prior week, but pointed out that fishing trips are always different. What worked last week wasn’t working well this week. The only way to find success is to try as many spots as possible and change techniques until the fish respond. Last week, he and his fishing party found a large cove, shaded by a high wall with a shallow rocky ridge extended out into the bay, and the fish responded immediately to the crappie jig. Small schools of stripers, mostly one and two-year-old schooling fish, showed up on the graph and really liked the crappie jig. If the jig was cast close to the school, the stripers responded immediately. Smallmouth bass were just as active as stripers, and the anglers hooked almost as many bass as stripers using the same crappie jig along the same rocky ridge.

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