The Lake is Ice Free Except For Some Northern Coves

South Fork Reservoir - Elko, NV (Elko County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

The lake is ice free except for some ice in some of the northern coves.  The main boat ramp is useable with mostly open water in the cove. Surface water temperatures are moving into the mid to high 40’s and the trout bite should start to come on. Anglers are having success with both worms and PowerBait with fish averaging 15 to 18 inches and a few over 20, though the catch rate is slow. Fish have moved closer to shore, so don’t fish too far out.  Flies that have caught fish include leech patterns, wooly buggers, hares ears and midge patterns.  Fishing at Jet Ski Beach has been fair to good depending upon the day.  Cloudy, windy days seem to be best for catching, while calm, bluebird days seem to be the best for fishing.  Fishing below the dam and above the reservoir in the river has been slow with very low flows. 

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