Forecast Showing A Good Fishing Weekend Ahead

Lake Mead - Boulder City, NV

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Miled temperatures and calmer winds in the forecast should result in a good fishing weekend. Striper anglers are finding the best fishing in the early mornings or overnight. Live shad are producing the best results, but anchovies or shad swimbaits are good alternatives. Boaters are finding abundant shad near Hemenway. Chartreuse colored soft plastics are drawing black bass out of their hiding spots in the rocky coves.  

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Nevada Department of Wildlife Reports
for Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

: Chukar, Hungarian Partridge, and Quail season close on Feb, 7th
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Nevada Department of Wildlife Reports
for Friday, January 8th, 2021

Cold Creek Reservoir: No Recent Reports, But Expect Unsafe Ice
Comins Lake: Expect Ice Conditions To Have Improved
Illipah Reservoir: Ice Conditions Have Probably Improved
Jakes Creek Reservoir (Boies Reservoir): Expected to Be Covered Completly in Ice
Ruby Lake NWR: The Collection Ditch Has Plenty of Open Water
South Fork Reservoir: There Isn’t Any Open Water on the Lake, But The Ice is Unsafe
Wild Horse Reservoir: Ice Has Improved and is Averaging 8 Inches
Wilson Reservoir: Expected to Be Covered in Unsafe Ice
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