Lake Mead Fishing Report

Lake Mead - Boulder City, NV

by Aaron Meier

Anglers are having success in various areas around the lake, most notably coves in Vegas Wash and around Echo Bay. Netting shad has been a fairly easy task for those working the mouth of Las Vegas Bay. Some gizzard shad are topping the one-pound mark and providing a source of durable cut bait. Anglers report success for spawning largemouth bass near submerged brush and smallmouth bass near rocky points and drop-offs in the Overton Arm. The smallmouth bass also are proving to be more cooperative and taking various soft baits, crankbaits, and drop shot rigs.     


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The Bass bite was good all last week, as many anglers reported double digit numbers for their efforts.  Most of the fish have been males in 1 to 3lb range, with the occasional 5 to 6lb'er showing as well.  Senkos, Texas jigs, small swimbaits, flukes were just some of the baits of choice.  Most of the largemouth have been holding in 3' to 10' in water column all over the lake.  Bluegill haven;t shown in any numbers as of yet,...... Read More

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