Lake Havasu Stripers

Lake Havasu - Havasu City, AZ

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

The early morning striper bite has been fair during the first two hours of daylight trolling anchovies and casting white Rat-L-Traps, stump jumpers and green-tailed Salt Water Assassins rigged on 3/8 to ½-ounce leadheads.

The night bite is slowing as temps rise and shad start moving to open water.

Angler can troll anchovies slow (2 mph) with 2-plus ounces of lead; the anchovy should be skipping on the bottom to provoke strikes from stripers searching the bottom for wounded shad and crawdads.

Most striper action still at the south end of the lake around the BIll Williams area.

Smallmouth action taking off with smallies staging to move shallow to spawn. Four-inch curly or straight tailed Roboworms in chartreuse, pearl or white colors, rigged Texas or dropshot style, will work great on these aggressive bass. Target 15-22 feet of water offshore until water temps hit 58 degrees when smallies will move into the shallows.

Lake Level 447.36

Feb. 10 report from John Galbraith of in Lake Havasu City