Alamo Lake Fish Report

Alamo Lake - Wenden, AZ (La Paz County)

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Well folks, once again, here today, gone tomorrow. If I was getting paid by the mile I would be retired and writing this from my bass boat.

The park will be slammed until Easter weekend is over. If you're planning on coming out here, make a reservation. Everyone I have talked to is catching fish. From what I'm told there's a decent top-water bite going at first light. From there, go to training wheels(crankbaits) and plastics.

I think this is going to be a good year for fishing.

It's hard not to catch a catfish right now. They're catching them from the shore using both nightcrawlers and minnows with a bobber. Cholla dock got moved and the ramp is working well. We have been hitting the high 90s, so remember sunblock and stay hydrated. The lake level is at 1094ish with releases of 25 cfs. Sadly were starting to go down again, but that 6 feet of water was a real lifesaver.

I will keep Cholla ramp open until boats start tearing up props, getting stuck, or it just becomes a hazard.

Now I need to take a minute and remind everyone that the snakes are out. This year we already dealt with eight or nine. Please do not shoot the snake in the park. Just give us a call and we will come remove it from your campsite.

You do get cell phone service from the Cholla campground.