Arizona Game & Fish Department Southwestern Water Reports

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

ALAMO LAKE - Well folks, one conference, two meetings and another 500-plus miles racked up on my truck and I'm finally back. I'm going to make this as short and accurate as I can before the phone rings and I'm gone again.
I'm serious. The last time I made it back to the park I was here for a total of a full seven hours before having to leave and was gone for three days.

No reports on bass fishing. Jamie, one of my camp hosts, told me a kid came into the store a few days ago and bought a lure. He came back later that day and said he caught a bass. At least we know they're in there. Jamie and her husband Lonnie, also a host, have been going out every day crappie fishing. They have been averaging anywhere from 5 to 15 a day.

They're fishing up by the north end of the buoy line. They're using a road runner with a white jig head and minnow trailer. We are starting to get busy so you're better off making a reservation before coming out.

The fish are in approximately 25 to 30 feet of water.

No reports on catfishing. The Alamo Lake clean-up is scheduled for the first weekend in March. I will have more details on that next week.

The lake level is at 1088ish with releases of 10 cfs. All restrictions remain in place. We will continue to launch off the old rental boat area until the lake rises. So far it's not looking good on the rain situation.

Well, the phone is ringing and they're pointing at me, so gotta go. I almost forgot to mention: the impeller came in for my boat so I should have some first-hand reports by next week. -- Mark

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