Freshwater Tip of the Week, July 3, 2013

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Anglers don't always have to see fish chasing shad to throw top-water lures.

This week's tip comes from Skyler Clark, fishing manager at the Mesa Sportsman's Warehouse. "I catch most of my top-water fish casting over boulders and grass," Clark said.

Don't be afraid to throw top-water lures throughout the day. Bass can be staged-up at an ambush point, ready to dart to the surface and gobble something enticing -- especially if there are overcast skies that will not blind bass as they look upward.

"I catch a lot of top-water fish at Canyon Lake from noon to 1 p.m. over some grass," Clark said. "It's not just when they're chasing shad.

"And throw braided line so it will float," Clark added. "And when a fish hits, wait an extra second so you don't pull the lure out of its mouth."

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