Riviera Marina Fishing Report

Colorado River - Laughlin - Laughlin, NV

by Rusty

Our local angler, Dawn Leclerc, landed 4 rainbow trout from our recent stocking. These fish are brought in from the hatchery in Colorado. The Willow Beach Hatchery imports rainbow trout from October till March. Our city brings in these fish to help with the caddis fly issue. This time of year, we are experiencing a bloom of these pests, but they are good eating and a nice size for pan fish. Dawn was fishing from shore in the Rotary Park area, using various baits and spinners mostly for fun. She would change after each hook up.

I've received word that the smaller stripers are in and near the dam and the casino area, producing a few. Anchovies are working well for bait anglers on these smaller stripers, while the Storm Swim Shad is producing larger ones in the 4-to-6-pound range. The limit of stripers is 10 with no size limit below the Davis Dam. So, catch the smaller ones so the others will grow big. Hope this helps for now, and we look forward to seeing you to share your catch and story. Mostly, thanks for all your support. Now Go Catch A Fish!

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