Riviera Marina Fishing Report

Colorado River - Laughlin - Laughlin, NV

by Rusty

This week has been a bit slow due to low water levels, wind, and the holiday week. There isn't much to report, but I've heard of a few stripers being caught in the Rotary Park area in the evening. They've mostly been on the smaller side. To break the monotony, I managed to reel in a nice panfish and a largemouth bass in the Laughlin Bay Marina area. Unlike smallmouth bass and stripers, you'll find these in the marina rather than the current.

I made sure to release both the bass and the panfish back into the water in good shape. Unfortunately, there isn't much news from up on the lake due to the wind keeping watercraft at bay. We're hoping you had a fantastic holiday, and we're eagerly anticipating your visit soon to share your latest catch and story.

A big thank you for all your support. Now, go catch a fish! Rusty Riviera Marina, 520 Riviera Blvd, Bullhead City, AZ. Call us at 928-763-8550.

Thanks For your Support,
Rusty Riviera Marina
520 Riviera Blvd.
Bullhead City AZ

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Riviera Marina Fishing Report
Colorado River - Laughlin

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