Clean-up at the Willow Beach Fishing Pier

Colorado River - Willow Beach - Willow Beach, NV

Photo Credit: Photo Credits: NDOW, AZFW, and NPS

by Lake Mead National Park Service
(702) 293-8990

Hook, line, and sinker - great for fishing, bad for other wildlife...(and boats)
The NPS partnered with the Nevada Department of Wildlife and the Arizona Game & Fish Department for a clean-up at the Willow Beach Fishing Pier. We pulled over 146 pounds of trash from the water and shoreline, most of which was tangled fishing line, lures (which were donated to the youth Boulder City Bass Club), cigarette butts, and bottle caps - and, unfortunately, four dead coots.
A local Eagle Scout troop put this monofilament disposal container (see photo two) on the pier. Please place all old/used fishing line in this container so it can be properly recycled.
Fishing line is not biodegrable and can stay in the environment for upwards of 600 years! When you drop, cut, or release fishing line into the water, it doesn't "disappear" - it becomes a hazard for the next several hundred years.
Catch those fish and leave no trace!