18.66lb. Striper

Colorado River - Laughlin - Laughlin, NV

by Rusty

We are experiencing a great striper season, and local angler Bryn Werkmeister landed a remarkable catch at Community Park. He was fishing from shore using a swim bait in a trout pattern, one of his favorite lures. This fish weighed in at 18.66 pounds and measured 37 inches in length, which is a big, fat fish that's a little heavy for its length.

We've received word that smaller-sized stripers are starting to show up. The Nature Center is emerging as a great spot to try, though we haven't heard anything yet from Lake Mohave. That should change soon, as we're warming up, though the wind is still keeping small craft at bay.

The Topock Marsh should be doing okay, but please note that largemouth bass are either in spawn or close to being on their nests. For catch-and-release enthusiasts, please be careful and don't just rip the hook out. Use care and be as gentle as you can. If you need to cut the line, the hook will dissolve.

I did hear of some rainbow trout at the Sunshine Peninsula area, so that could be worth a visit. We hope this information helps, and we look forward to seeing you soon. Now, go catch a fish!

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