Riviera Marina Fishing Report

Colorado River - Laughlin - Laughlin, NV

by Rusty

We have our local angler Gerry Ward showing his limit of rainbow trout he landed while fishing our shore here along the Colorado River. He was fishing near the Davis Dam on the Arizona side of Davis camp. This was after our recent trout stocking from Willow Beach Hatchery. The rainbow trout stocking will continue till the end of the month then our caddis fly program will start, and we should get trout at rotary park again. Not much word on the striper bite as of yet but we should be getting some news soon. I am assuming its our weather the winds keep all in. We are getting some breaks in the weather allowing for some great fishing. This time of year, the medium size striper start to arrive. With that both Anchovies and your favorite swim bait can prove most entertaining.

Not much word from up on Lake Mohave but again its the winds. When they stop its such a great lake that most like to just boat around the lake and explore before the crowds arrive. I have seen pictures of the marsh area and the water is super low so not much going on there until the water comes back up hopefully in the near future.

Anyway we hope this helps some for now we look forward to seeing you in with that catch and your story mostly thanks so much for all of your support now Go Catch A fish. Rusty riviera Marina 520 riviera Blvd. Bullhead city Az. 928-763-8550

Thanks For your Support,
Rusty Riviera Marina
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