Roosevelt Lake Fishing Report

Roosevelt Lake - Tonto National Forest, AZ

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

At Roosevelt Lake (report courtesy of Gary Senft), Gary and a friend caught 45 fish a few days ago. Only a few big ones, but had a great time catching the smaller ones. Drop shot and Texas Rig were working well. Use a short leader for drop shot. Oxblood and Morning Dawn were working well for drop shot. Bass were being caught fairly shallow (8 to 15 feet). If you’re out there and don’t quite know where to catch fish, just go from point to point.

Also at Roosevelt Lake last week, Swik M. reported, “Ah ha, found them crappies!" . "Got nine bass and wide open crappie every cast. The bite kept me busy for hours. Started with long lining minnows on a plain jig, then switched to casting Bobby Garlands at them tipped with crappie nibbles. Fish were suspended from 20 feet down to the bottom. Bass were all caught drop shotting 5150's at 15 to 25 feet."

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