Riviera Marina Fishing Report

Colorado River - Laughlin - Laughlin, NV

by Rusty

We are having a great striper season. That is along our shores here below the Davis Dam. Our local anglers Tom Gallant and wife Jean were out fishing along the river below the rotary park area. This was a fishing trip for her birthday Jean landed more fish 3 that is while Toms 24 in striper weighed in at 4.74 pounds.

These stripers are what seems to be running now and there are a lot of great spots to land a few. The lower end of community park while along the casino area have been producing well. The end of Trane and across from Harrah's are a few spots worth trying. Anchovies have been working well for our bait anglers while the glide baits have been producing a few of the larger catches.

Not much word from up on Lake Mohave and I assuming it’s mostly the wind that keeps the water craft at bay so to say. Last I checked the large mouth bass are watching the fry (small baby fish). While the are on guard duty not much chance of getting them to bite they will not start to feed until the fry can manage for themselves to avoid predators.

Hope this helps some for now and we look forward to see you in soon to share that catch and your story mostly thanks so much for all of your support.
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