This week’s low water update

Lake Powell

Photo Credit: Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas

by Fish Reports Staff

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area continues to respond to low water conditions on Lake Powell. This week’s low water update includes:
1. Designated Paddlecraft Access: Effective April 15, 2022, the park designated areas at the Wahweap Main Ramp and Antelope Public Ramp in South Lake Powell for launch and retrieval of all private and commercial human-powered paddlecraft. This designation will help alleviate congestion on the Stateline Auxiliary Ramp. Please see the attached news release for more information.
2. Access To Rainbow Bridge National Monument from Lake Powell: Access to Rainbow Bridge from Lake Powell has become significantly more difficult, due to lowering lake levels and mud and debris from rain events. The dock system and its restroom are not connected to the shore. There is no place to tie up a small vessel at the water line and if attempted, visitors should be wary of the possibility of quicksand. Boats and small vessels beach at your own risk. A Navajo Nation permit is required if backpacking across Navajo Nation lands to reach Rainbow Bridge. For more information, please contact:
3. Dangling Rope Marina Components Moved: This week a contractor moved the marina store and snack bar from the Dangling Rope cove to a staging area at Bullfrog. While the marina is offline this year, the park will retire several components of the marina that are damaged or beyond their lifecycle. As previously announced, due to unprecedented low water conditions at Lake Powell, the Dangling Rope Marina will remain closed throughout 2022.
4. Bullfrog North Ramp Construction: The Bullfrog North Ramp has been permanently extended as far as possible, to reach a lake elevation of 3525 feet. The last concrete pour is curing. Use of the ramp will be dependent on lake levels reaching 3525 feet or higher. Stay tuned for more information.
5. Legacy Stateline Auxiliary Ramp: The ramp has been constructed down to the current lake level (3522.47 on April 20) and this week the contractor plans to move boiler plates from the north side to the south side. The final concrete pour is scheduled next week. After it cures for at least two weeks the construction will end for the season and all four lanes will be available. (Each lane is 25 feet wide; the total ramp width is 100 feet across.)

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