Riviera Marina Fishing Report

Colorado River - Laughlin - Laughlin, NV

by Rusty

Yep, I had to put myself in here sometime and right after a Thanksgiving seemed to be a great idea. I had gone out after a local stocking of the rainbow trout and brought home a couple. Other anglers were staying until they had the limit of 5 fish. I stayed until I got a couple for dinner. I am using spinners to start with and not getting any hook ups only bites. One of the anglers there on the shore offered me some power bait and I landed these 2 rainbows. This was in the Rotary Park area one of 3 of the stocking sites for the rainbow trout stocking program.

I have been hearing reports of stripers up near the Davis dam from shore on pencil poppers the bone color has been proving most successful. this topwater lure has been producing stripers in the 5-to-7-pound range. Along the shore in the rotary park area chrome color spinners have been working for some of the smaller stripers also the shore of the Nature center has produced a few stripers.

Up on Lake Mohave anglers are having some success near Katherine's landing using soft shad baits. Some news from the marsh area largemouth bass have been landed using spinner baits the z-man's chatter bait also was producing some keepers in the 4-pound range. The colors to try would be a white or the green after that you are on your own. Hope this helps some for now and all had a great thanksgiving we wish you an early Merry Christmas. Hope to see you in soon so we can share your story. Mostly thanks for all of your support.

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Riviera Marina Fishing Report
Colorado River - Laughlin

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Riviera Marina Fishing Report
Colorado River - Laughlin

The trout fishing is doing very well here along the shores of the Colorado River.This is mostly due to our federal hatchery the Willow Beach Hatchery which is supplying us rainbow trout. The trout are raised in raceways at the hatchery and brought to us for a few months every year. the stocking sites are Davis camp our Community park and Rotary park. So below the Davis dam we have a great fishery and the season is on. Our local anglers are having great success using various techniques. Spinners and trout jigs are producing well along with night crawlers and power bait. Our local anglers Mark Kuchczynski and Ron luck landed their limit at Rotary park using spinners and a trout jug in the cricket pattern. While Gerry Ward landed his limit at community park using a trout jig with a green tail. I have gotten word that in the community park area a few of the larger stripers have been spotted...... Read More