Topwater bass bite is good right now

Roper Lake - Safford, AZ (Graham County)

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

At Roper Lake, Arizona State Parks Ranger Michael DeLeon reports that the topwater bass bite is good right now. The bass are going after dragonflies and can be seen leaping out of the water regularly throughout the day to gulp one down. Anglers are catching fish on a variety of topwater lures that resemble dragonflies or frogs. Other bass anglers have reported success with Texas-rigged worms in green or blue.

Some catfish are finally "showing up" at Roper on a regular basis. Fishing from the piers after dark is your best bet with nightcrawlers, anchovies, shrimp, or other common catfish offerings. Carp fishing is really good for anglers using dough balls or corn fished on the bottom. Bluegill and sunfish are being caught regularly with small bright-colored jigs around structure, or mealworms under a bobber.

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