Riviera Marina Fishing Report

Colorado River - Laughlin - Laughlin, NV

by Rusty

The fishing is still going well here below the Davis Dam. The shores of the Colorado River in our area are continuing to produce some great catches. Anglers from our locals to visiting are having some luck in landing fish. Our weather is warming up and so is the bite. Rotary Park is giving up rainbow trout our local angler Gerry ward is showing off a limit of rainbows he landed using the mice tail in green pattern. While our visiting angler Levi Farias from Yucaipa California was fishing the shore at rotary park and landed a couple of trout they were a bit on the small side but he kept the one here it was just under one pound and 14 inches. Levi was using a trout jug in a white color. Grand parents just got a place here and he had to go try and catch a fish and a great job he did it.

One of our local favorites Mike Merritt with the Mynk brothers Evan and Russel were out with Mike on his seadoo and landed an nice bunch of stripers. they were fishing in the big bend area and Mike mostly had to bait the hooks for the 2 anglers he had along which proved to be a great outing.

Yhe marsh is still a bit slow and not much to speak of as of yet. I am assuming the large mouth bas are just about done watching the fry (baby fish) and they will be feeding soon.

Up on Lake Mohave the bite has yet to take off and I am assuming it is the visiting boaters that have the lake in a buzz. This to will pass and anglers will be able to get out there and start to catch some of the stripers that are usually near the power lines and some by the dam. I do hope to hear from the lake soon as it should be taking off this time of year.

Meanwhile our shore line from Davis camp to the nature center is producing some nice catches . be patience as the fish seem to be moving in schools and might be a hour or so before they make the return. Or you might be in a bad spot and look for another when you can talk with others anglers we have a great group and most will share so you have a chance to catch some fish. Hope this helps for now and we look forward to seeing you in soon to share that catch but mostly thanks for all of your support thanks

Now Go Catch  A Fish Rusty Riviera Marina 520 Riviera Blvd. Bullhead city Az. 928-763-8550

 I would like to add that Nevada PPS which is now on youtube its outdoor Nevada fishing the Colorado river this is not a paid event but so for about 8 minutes I am floating down the river showing and talking about our fishing here with some great scenes and scenery  the season is 4 and the episode is 5 of outdoor Nevada hope you like the short trip and I hope I didn't disappoint again thank you all Rusty

Thanks For your Support,
Rusty Riviera Marina
520 Riviera Blvd.
Bullhead City AZ

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