23 Lb. Carp

Lake Mohave - Cottonwood Cove, NV

by Rusty

Our weather is improving and so is the fishing. Both up on lake Mohave and here along the shores of the Colorado river below the Davis dam. I have been getting a few reports of some strippers in the 1 to 5 pound range. this is great news as these schooleze are a great size and make some of the best fish fry's.

Up on Lake Mohave our visiting from Las Vegas spear angler was able to catch a carp. This is a nice size carp that Robert Wine brought in to share. He was spear fishing just past the power lines and was able to bring in this 23.38 pound carp which was 35 and 3/4 inches. this is one of the few fish in our area that can be taken by spear or bow. bow fishing for carp is a great sport. unlike bow hunting with the carp you get more chances  to practice as they usually will swim back to you for that extra shot. With our winds it does make it a bit tough to get out on the lake so we don't have much word of fishing as of yet from lake Mohave. Our shore anglers are having a better time and have been landing a few stripers and a rainbow trout now and again. Yes the trout are out there but you will have to find that hole were they are. Hope this helps for now and we look forward to

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