Riviera Marina Fishing Report

Colorado River - Laughlin - Laughlin, NV

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Riviera Marina

by Rusty

We are getting some of the best fishing this time of year. The rainbow trout stocking from the national hatchery the Willow Beach Hatchery continues to bring us some quality trout. The rainbow trout that our local angler Tony Howerton were landed while he was fishing from shore in the Rotary Park Area. Tony was using his favorite spinner a Panther Martin to land his limit of five trout. Tony first tried using power bait then switched and the spinner of choice produced these fish he brought in to share. Usually power bait or night crawlers will work well but when the bite slows its a good idea to change your tactics. In the afternoon I watched one angler land his limit using night crawlers when the spinners were not working as well as the bait fishing. I am also getting word that a few of the larger stripers have been going after various swim baits. This goes for the community park area as well as the rotary park area. another great spot for our anglers has been along the casino row area and on either side of the river (Arizona or Nevada) the shore line has been seeing some striper action.

The only word from up on Lake Mohave has been a bit slow with a few boil being sited near the power lines. The points near the dam should be producing some nice catches as soon as our weather breaks long enough for our anglers to get out there. We hope this helps for now and we look forward to seeing you in with that catch to share and the story that goes with it. Mostly we thank you for all of your support.

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Riviera Marina Fishing Report
Colorado River - Laughlin

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