Lake Powell Fishing Report

Lake Powell

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ambassador Guides Service

by Bill McBurney

In a month or two it’s early season for Bass & Stripers – Color is important and I have learned to go with a reddish or deep orange on cranks and grubs.  Mr. Crawdaddy like to be burry up in the winter in our red sand and clay and this is a color change of red and orange and light browns are best!

Winter shad Bass & Stripers schools either still shallow or down to a 100′ deep. The shallow schools are in 3-25′ of water.  The bigger schools of shad will be (especially the gizzard shad) deeper in the main channel down to 100ft.- with Striper resting nearby.

In the winter months to be successful, you best fishing days will be 1 or 2 days out of the week on Lake Powell.  Those being 1:  lesser moon phase    2: Find the birds like Grebbs-Gulls-Ravens   3: Fishing the temperate movement times being the 45 degree angle of rising sun to water hitting the closest angle direction at first and each canyon being different in direction.

In the winter I recommend launching around 9:30-10:30 a.m. depending on what canyons I have in mind.  Of course Spring Charters start much earlier.  Fish near the bottom in the shallow waters by weighting the crank baits with a 1/4 ounce slide sinker 3ft’ above your bait.

For Fly Fishing a super fast 15-24′ sink tip and steel eyed 3-4″ Clowser minnow in blue and red.  

If you are after the 90’+ deep Stripers go to and pull up great techniques on all species.

Starting book strong for Spring, so if you are planning a trip, give us a call.  Don’t forget we have our 1/2 Day, Full Days and our newest from 2019 Lake Powell Experience where you experience Fishing & the Canyons.  See our rates here:

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