Fishing Report: North Central region

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Arizona Fish and Game

by Arizona Game & Fish Department


KAIBAB LAKE — No new reports I would try and catch crappie, bluegill and largemouth bass on the upper end of the lake.

CATARACT LAKE —  Lake is full. The bass should be hitting.

CITY RESERVOIR — Fishing was fair for trout over the weekend using PowerBait on the bottom. Folks were also catching catfish fishing off the bottom using chicken livers and large lures.

DOGTOWN LAKE — The lake is full. Fishing was good over the weekend on PowerBait and salmon eggs.

SANTA FE — The lake is full. Catfish have been biting mostly around dusk using chicken livers. Anglers were also catching lots of crappie using chartreuse crappie jigs.

WHITEHORSE LAKE — Crappie, largemouth bass and bluegill are being caught by anglers in boats on flies or crappie jigs.


LOWER LAKE MARY – Not many changes reported this week. Folks are still catching some nice sized trout early in the morning or late in the evening on the lake using flies and lures.

UPPER LAKE MARY — We continue hearing reports of folks catching good numbers of walleye trolling lures on the lake. Folks drop-shotting nightcrawlers are also catching walleye. Folks are also catching northern pike and channel catfish.

ASHURST LAKE — There is an algae bloom on the lake right now and it was slow. Folks are catching trout all around the lake using fake salmon eggs, nightcrawlers, and golden spinners.

FRANCIS SHORT POND – If you have kids you want to catch fish Frances Short is the place to go. Folks were catching lots of bluegill on worms. Fly fishermen are catching lots of crappie. Folks fishing with worms or hot dogs were catching catfish.

KINNIKINICK LAKE — I stopped by Kinnikinick on Monday to check water quality. There were 3 anglers who were just starting their day of fishing when I got there. One caught a nice brown trout on catfish bait on his first cast of the day while bringing it back in to recast.

OAK CREEK — No report

BEAVER CREEK – No report.

WEST CLEAR CREEK –  No report.

BLUE RIDGE — No report.

KNOLL LAKE — No report.

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