Colorado River Fish Report

Colorado River - Laughlin - Laughlin, NV

Photo Credit: Rusty

by Rusty

This Trophy Striped Bass was brought in by one of our top local anglers George Terro (works At Smiths in the Butcher shop the smiths on Lakeside). His 31.68 pound Striped Bass at 42 inches was landed in the Rotary park area and our local angler brought it in to share and take advantage of our certified scale. We here at the marina take pride in having a scale provided by our game and fish dept. For not just this occasion but for all anglers to take advantage off. this fish takes the spotlight as being one of the largest stripers of the year. The battle George had to do to get it in is also worth mentioning. He had to wade in the water and at the end go in to the water to make the final grab. This says a lot as the water this time of year is cold but George has been after a trophy fish of this size for ever and his last words were he was off to get it mounted.  these line sides tend to be a bit larger this time of year. this being said its best to check your knot and have a good line. George was fishing from shore and using one of his favorite lures in a trout pattern.

We also have one of our other local anglers Jackson Maki with 3 of our rainbow trout. He was fishing in the rotary park area using a crappie jig. I have been hearing that power bait and night crawlers were also working. the holidays and weather have been keeping most at home but these anglers prove its worth getting out there. I will try and get some news from up on Lake Mohave but again the winds keep most off the lake and shore fishing is best this time of year. so for now we wish all a Happy and Safe New Year. Thanks all  for your support hope to see you soon Now Go Catch a Fish.

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