Trout Action Good

Colorado River - Laughlin - Laughlin, NV

by Rusty

Rainbow Trout Update:Our weather is starting to cooperate and so is our trout fishing. Since the rainbow trout plant both areas around the 2 sites are doing well. Up Near Davis Dam at Davis Camp and about 8 miles down stream at Rotary Park are our designated sites for the stocking program. These two sites have shown to be our best located spots for the trout plant it has the most potential both for fishing and to help with the caddis fly larvae.

Striper/Catfish Update: No word on striper or catfish activity at this time. The Shad on Lake Mohave are out of touch and site. The Largemouth Bass are in a pre-spawn pattern. Our water levels are just starting to come up so the marsh should be picking up some. When doing your catch and release do the best you can not to handle the fish the slimy coating actually is there to protect the fish. The hooks you use should be barbless or at least smash the barb. When you just lip hook the fish just remove the hook but when your fish swallows the hook its best to keep the fish or cut the line the hook will go away. So for now ice that catch down and bring it in to share.

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Riviera Marina
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Photo Information:
We have Jerry Ward showing off a limit of rainbows. Our local angler was able to land these in the Casino area using mouse tails and switching to a spin a lure a great spinner for these stockers.

In the Rotary park area this dad and son team of Darren and Taplin Nessa were able to land a limit of trout and little Taplin landed a 2.96 rainbow at 19 and 3/8 inches. In this case it was night crawlers that were producing the trout bite. a reminder to switch your bait if needed and spinners also might be tried when your bait slows or stops.

Thanks For your Support,
Rusty Riviera Marina
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