Davis Dam, Fishing Report

Colorado River - Davis Dam - Davis Dam, NV

Our local angler Lino Garcias landed 3 stripers in this area using anchovies with one weighing in at 3.32 pounds and 21 and 1/4 inches.

by Rusty

Its striped bass and rainbow trout that are the targeted fish to be after here along the Colorado river below Davis dam.  The lake above Davis dam or Lake Mohave is not yet broke loose, but with our weather changing the bite will pick up.  The pan fish (blue gill red ear sun fish) are watching their nests.  We have a few of the Largemouth Bass on nests but should all be done and they will be feeding.  Watch for the Largemouth Bass to be in the still waters and near cover,  while the Small mouth bass or smallies seem to like the shelves near the deeper water, but back to below the Davis dam.  Its great shore fishing along the community park area.  The trout have been hitting on various colors of jar bait red yellow orange all great colors while spinners and even the mice tails are producing some great catches.  I am hearing of both trout and stripers up and down the river. The stripers are ranging in the 1 to 4 pound range with some larger ones peeling line or spooling our unsuspecting anglers. 


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