Alamo Lake Fishing Report

Alamo Lake - Wenden, AZ (La Paz County)

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Dec. 16 report from Mark Knapp at Alamo Lake State Park:

Well folks, once again it has been awhile since I have had time to write something. This is going to be a quick update, and hopefully when we go into the new year I will have more time to write. Here goes. The lake level is at 1087ish with releases of 10cfs. We're back to the poor 2002 -'03 levels.

We're still using the old rental boat boat road to launch off. You can launch off the dirt by the dock or between the cliffs. If you're using a two-wheel drive then I would suggest launching between the cliffs. Just go slowly and take your time. Same thing while out on the lake.

The lake is about a mile, maybe mile 1/2 long. Once you get up to the hazard buoy line you go from 20 feet of water to 3 feet of water. It's very deceiving, so again, be careful. A few bass are being caught in about 20 feet of water on plastics.

No encouraging reports on crappie fishing. Even catfishing is very slow. The CORE was able to get half their work done on the bulk head while the lake is low. Right now the gate has been lifted and is in its storage position. No-entry buoys have been set halfway up the canyon. Please stay out of the closed section. You're not missing anything, and the gate is about 8 foot under water. Once the inspection continues I will take a few pictures and you can see what all the fuss has been over for the past few years.

On a final note I would like to take a minute and talk about bass tournaments. Anything more than 10 boats is going to be a waste of time. Not only is launching going to be tough, you will be right on top of each other. Most of the coves have drained out, so you just have the main portion of the lake to fish. Well that's it for now. From all of us to you, happy holidays. -- Mark