Roosevelt Lake Fishing Report

Roosevelt Lake - Tonto National Forest, AZ (Mohave County)

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Dec. 2 report from Jim Goughnour of Rim Country Custom Rods:

Experienced anglers are calling fishing conditions on Roosevelt Lake as good to excellent. The water temperature has been trending down recently and fish feeding activity is at a high rate in preparation for the colder months. Recent water temperatures at Roosevelt have dropped into the high 50s in the mornings to the low 60's as the sun warms the shallow water in the afternoon.

Those water temperatures are important since fish metabolism slows significantly when the water reaches about the 55-degree mark. Both bass and crappie are taking advantage of the last few warmer weeks by feeding activity. Recent reports for both bass and crappie are that they are in either shallow or deep water with little success being reported in the 20-30 feet depths.

Bass anglers reported using crank-baits, jerk-baits and spinner-baits in 5-15 foot depths. Bass could be seen chasing shad into the backs of coves especially later in the afternoon when water temperatures are warmer. Other bass anglers reported using deep water jigging spoons in 30 feet and deeper depths.

Crappie anglers are also reporting catching crappie in shallow depths of less than 15 feet. Small jigs and spoons were reported successful using a technique of casting and letting the bait fall in a pendulum motion. Other anglers are using a slow trolling speed of .8 mph while still others reported using a live minnow on a dropshot technique. Crappie anglers continue to be excited about the numbers and size of crappie being caught this year. It's been a long time since anglers reported crappie weighing over 2 pounds.

(2,084 feet, 35-percent full).

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